On Saturday, 21st November 2015, the Lahore Museum opened its doors to the public with its first-ever Special Exhibition called Rediscovering Harappa: Through the Five Elements. This exhibition was conceived and put together by the Inheriting Harappa Project team under the direction and with the curatorial skills of Dr. Tehnyat Majeed. Work on this special exhibition started in April 2014 with a small team voluntarily dedicating their time and effort to the vision of this project, and by mid-2014, the project was fortunate to have the institutional support of the Lahore Museum. And finally, the major impetus was provided by the UNESCO International Fund for Promotion of Culture (IFPC) Award in March 2015. This award was won through a competitive grant application submitted by Dr. Majeed in May 2014. Out of the 700 applicants globally, the Inheriting Harappa Project was one of the nine recipients of this award!

We were delighted to report that between 21st November and 10th December 2015, we’ve had 2875 ticketed visitors, 587 registered school children and around 400 guests by invitation to the Special Exhibition! But the most heartening news is that many of our visitors are returning again to view the exhibition with their families and friends. And some of these ‘returning’ visitors are young visitors who came with their school trip and then brought their parents to Rediscovering Harappa!

By 16th March 2016, the number of ticketed visitors to the Special Exhibition increased to 9946. This total also excludes the 1131 school children and their approximately 100 school staff members and teachers who participated in the docent-led guided tours of the Inheriting Harappa Educational Programme.

The special exhibition came to a close on Friday, 6th May 2016. By this date, our records showed that 12,209 ticketed visitors had seen this exhibition. From amongst these visitors, 5796 were adults and 6413 were students and children. Apart from these regular visitors, several foreign delegations from China, Korea, Brunei, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Austria, Norway, UK, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada also came to view the Rediscovering Harappa special exhibition while it was on at the Lahore Museum.


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Fire Gallery_Tabish_resized

Fire Gallery, Special Exhibition “Rediscovering Harappa: Through the Five Elements”

Central Gallery_Nawaz_Sheherezade_Tabish_resized

Central Swastika Gallery, Terracotta Clayworks by Muhammad Nawaz and Sheherezade Alam

Water Gallery_Tabish_resized

Water Gallery, Special Exhibition “Rediscovering Harappa: Through the Five Elements”

Entrance Gallery Resized

Entrance Gallery

Ether Gallery_Unicorn Cluster_resized

Ether Gallery, The Unicorn Cluster

Swastika Seal_TAbish_resized

Ether Gallery, Swastika Seal


Rediscovering Harappa: Through the Five Elements, A Special Exhibition at the Lahore Museum, 2016


Harappa to Lahore: From Sunrise to Sunset